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Hashimoto's Disease impacts countless lives across the United States.  This ranges from minor to major debilitating effects.  But you are not alone.  This site's purpose is to empower women with Hashimoto's with both wellness and self-care.  We help you take back control of your health and to rebalance and reset your body to overcome symptoms.  Ultimately, our goal is for you to have an improved outlook on life and overall long term health.  Please read more about our available programs.

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I started having Rachael be my functional medicine practitioner in November 2020. I am a RN and have been to many doctors and naturopathic doctors throughout my life. I do not believe in taking pills to cover up health problems. I was experiencing terrible dizziness, skin rashes, eye swelling when I started her program. I could not lay down, sit up, roll over in bed without my head just spinning. After only a few weeks of following Racheal's health plan and diet program, my dizziness had stopped completely. I have lost over 10lbs that I have been trying to lose for over 20 years. I did not start her program to lose weight, it was a huge benefit that 3 months later the weight is still off. No exercise either (I need to do better at that). I highly recommend having Rachael help you get yourself back to health and to your life. What she does is amazing, and it works!
Age 58
Starting weight 124lbs
Weight today 112lbs