So You're Ready To Be DONE With All The Debilitating Symptoms of Hashimoto's?

Extreme fatigue - check.

Gastrointestinal issues - check.

Skin rashes - check.

Brain fog - check.

And about a bazillion more - check.

But, really, what I’m asking here is, are you ready to stop sitting on the sidelines of your life because of your Hashimoto's symptoms?

I’m Rachael Webster and I want to personally help you get the root cause of your symptoms so we can allow your body to heal itself - and you can get your life back.

Rachael - Hashimoto's Meditation

Stop and Read This Before Going Any Further...

My biggest win with the Wellness With Hashimoto's program is finally feeling like “me” after almost 4 years of trying to get better. I finally sleep through the night. I have energy all day to function. The weight is slowly but surely coming off. My thought process of “eating my feelings'' to deal with stress changed immediately when I learned that I was contributing to the inflammatory response my body was generating. I haven’t wanted a donut or pastry because I don’t want to make my body sick.

- Trina S.


Imagine this:

  • Waking up and actually feeling refreshed from 8 hours of sleep
  • Making it through your work day without brain fog stealing your competency
  • Having the energy to watch your kids practice their favorite sport and making conversation with the other moms
  • Going out for a date night and not accidentally falling asleep before dessert
  • Enjoying a meal in your favorite restaurant without worrying about the consequences
  • Filling your weekend with family activities, being present with your kids, and making memories together
  • Finally losing the extra weight that makes you feel tired and unattractive
  • Reducing anxiety and panic attacks so you can finally get back to doing the things you love (or need to do)
  • Wearing whatever you want because you’re not worried about hiding skin rashes
  • Actually taking up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try because you know that making time for yourself is vital to your overall well-being

Oh, and not having to dread that time of the month anymore because your hormones are regulated and your periods are much more tolerable!!


Look, we know that you’ve done a lot of research and self-education about Hashimoto’s.

Having a chronic illness has that effect, especially when it seems like your doctor - someone who should have answers - can’t tell you how to treat the root cause of your problems so you can feel better.

So, because you can’t get answers from your doctor, you’ve pieced together your own treatment plan - good for you!

Unfortunately, that treatment plan consists of restricting more and more foods to try to identify exactly what triggers your Hashimoto’s flare ups.

Not that I blame you, but you’ve gotten so restrictive that you’ve inadvertently squeezed all the joy out of eating …

You know, the thing you must do every day to survive.

As a result, your outlook on food (and life) has become kinda BLEAK.


Honestly, you’re just FED UP.

No amount of self-education or supplements seem to be helping, and it’s just like living in the worst version of Groundhog Day, where you wake up exhausted, struggle to get through your day, feel like a terrible mother and generally miss out on all the wonderful things available to you in life.

Every. Single. Day.

Oh, and - let’s see - the worst part is that you feel unheard and hopeless. It’s like no one believes you about how bad you’re feeling.

But, for you, the bloating, exhaustion, hair loss, achy joints and muscles are kind of hard to ignore.


I’ve got news for you that might feel kind of liberating …

Your thyroid lab results aren’t that relevant to reversing your Hashimoto’s.

So, if you were waiting for your results, or if your results were supposedly “normal,” we can just throw those out the window and never think of them again.

Hashimoto’s isn’t a thyroid problem, it’s an immune system problem.

Ready to get your life back?

Introducing: Wellness with Hashimoto's

A 1-on-1 coaching program for working moms with Hashimoto’s who want to reverse their illness so they can get their energy, focus, and body back.

I designed Wellness with Hashimoto’s to help you:

  • Regain the energy you’ve been desperately wanting for so long
  • Lose the stubborn weight that hasn’t budged for years
  • Have a mind that is clear and bright so you can feel confident in your career again
  • Improve your mood and reduce anxiety so you’re excited for your future
  • Clear up your skin so you feel beautiful again
  • Lose the guilt and feel like the great mom you always knew you would be
Hashimotos-Self-Care Infographic

This Is NOT A Group Program or DIY Online Community

You and I are going to work together directly - one-on-one - to help you take control of your health and reverse your Hashimoto’s symptoms.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach, this is completely personalized coaching.


This 4-month coaching program uses the Integrative Health Approach, which:

  • Focuses on your individuality to figure out root causes to your health concerns
  • Rebalances the body naturally
  • Removes toxins
  • Reduces stress
  • Achieves remission of your Hashimoto’s symptoms

When you and I work together in my program, Wellness with Hashimoto’s, here is what you’re going to get:

Six 1-on-1 Zoom Coaching Calls

These calls allow us to connect and create personalized protocols based on your health history and goals. During these calls I will coach you through the ins and outs of the disease, supporting you in your journey to healing.

Email and Chat Support

Message me any time of day when you have any questions or concerns that may come up between coaching calls, and I will respond during business hours.

Insight Testing

We’ll run tests to help us see what’s happening in your body and understand it’s needs, such as integrative blood chemistry, bioresonance health scan, and functional lab testing.

Personalized Supplement Recommendations

Through test results, we will determine custom recommendations that will help you start to decrease symptoms, increase your energy, and get you on the path to your optimal self.


I started having Rachael be my integrative health practitioner in November 2020. I am a RN and have been to many doctors and naturopathic doctors throughout my life. I do not believe in taking pills to cover up health problems. I was experiencing terrible dizziness, skin rashes, eye swelling when I started her program. I could not lay down, sit up, roll over in bed without my head just spinning. After only a few weeks of following Rachael's coaching program, my dizziness had stopped completely. I have lost over 10lbs that I have been trying to lose for over 20 years. I did not start her program to lose weight, it was a huge benefit that 3 months later the weight is still off. No exercise either (I need to do better at that). I highly recommend having Rachael help you get yourself back to health and to your life. What she does is amazing, and it works!

GV - Age 58

Starting weight 124lbs

Weight today 112lbs

Hashimoto's Help

Okay, I know that - in your research - you’ve probably found plenty of coaches and experts who are offering solutions.

So why work with me?

Like you, I also live with Hashimoto’s.

After 5 years of endless doctor visits, and with no answers, I was at my lowest low. That’s when I decided to take matters into my own hands and heal myself.

And I’m so glad I did, because I was able to completely reverse my symptoms, increase my energy, drop those 20 pounds that wouldn’t budge for years and clear my brain fog.

Because I could be more present in my life, I stopped feeling like a horrible mother and a terrible coworker. That feeling that I was just not “myself” melted away and I was finally able to get my life back.

This experience helped me figure out what naturally rebalances your Hashimoto’s, and I knew that I had to help other women feel great again.

What I do for my clients allows us to address the root causes of your symptoms so we can reduce or eliminate them entirely. I utilize blood chemistry, Bioresonance health scans, muscle testing, and functional labs to create a custom plan for your healing.

Nutrition and lifestyle changes are a must, but many people just like you have still found themselves hitting a plateau with their healing. The root cause tools I mentioned help us to determine your deep rooted causes so we can begin to support the body naturally to remove and replace the things your body actually needs to feel your best in the long term.


Because the healing journey can be full of ups and downs, it’s important that I be as transparent as possible about what is expected from you in this program.

You’re perfect for this if you’re:

  • Ready to do anything it takes to reverse your symptoms - like changing long-held patterns in your diet and lifestyle if they don’t support your healing
  • Looking for a natural approach to your healing
  • Dedicated to finding the root cause and not simply treating your symptoms
  • Willing to be patient, ready to learn, honest and coachable

Unfortunately, you’re not a fit for this if you’re:

  • Not willing to make nutrition and lifestyle changes
  • Not open to natural healing strategies
  • Too impatient to learn the root causes of your symptoms (or “don’t have time”)
  • Aren’t open to suggestions and direction from me as your Hashimoto’s coach


Still on the fence?

Listen, I completely understand that, not only have you done a ton of research and are also considering other programs and coaches, it’s possible you already worked with someone and either didn’t have a good experience or didn’t get results - or both.

I promise you, as my client, I have the utmost respect for the investment you make with me and I will never treat you like a number.

As my client, you have my commitment to giving you the best guidance possible in reversing your Hashimoto’s symptoms.

Ready to get started, click the button below to apply. I’ll review to see if we’re a good fit and get in touch ASAP.