Meet Rachael

Rachael - Meditation

PharmD, Integrative Health Practitioner L1 and Hashimoto’s Coach ? Helping women rebalance their body, help reverse Hashimotos symptoms and feel great!

A Message From Rachael

It’s difficult to imagine life outside the pain, mental struggles, and frustrations that come with Hashimoto’s disease and the lack of answers you know are out there somewhere. Where can you turn for help? What do you need to do? Through my own experience with Hashimoto’s disease, I know just how to help. If you’re tired of the extreme and exhausting effects this disease has on you and your life, my services are for you.

After a long and gruesome battle with Hashimoto’s disease, I finally found the answers you and I have been searching for. I became an integrative health coach and holistic healer in 2020 when I took my personal knowledge surrounding Hashimoto’s disease and began helping other women regain their energy and health by reversing their Hashimoto’s. My years of visiting doctors, specialists, and anyone else who might have a clue about my health issues motivated me to take responsibility for my health and show other women how they could do the same. Thankfully, there is hope when it comes to healing Hashimoto’s disease.

I take a holistic approach to treating the symptoms of Hashimoto’s because of the complex nature of this disease. Just like us, Hashimoto’s requires unique and individualized care and together we can learn the best techniques and practices for you. No one has to live with these symptoms for the rest of their lives; there are answers and there is healing. Because I worked tirelessly to learn and care for my body with Hashimoto’s, my symptoms have successfully been put into remission and I am fully living again. You can too! Together we can rebalance your mind, body, and lifestyle and help you reclaim the life you once had.

I am eager to join you on this journey to a richer, fuller life despite Hashimoto’s disease and help you step into your personal healing power.

Rachael, Health Coach